Elwood Studio


Elwood Studio is an open source Dropbox alternative, built for advanced media management. Lighting fast uploads. Real-time, multi-user collaboration. Powerful role-based sharing. Simple one-click distribution.

Accelerated Uploads

With accelerated, edge optimized, resumable uploads, you can upload large files and folders in a fraction of the time.


Streamline teamwork and boost productivity with advanced collaboration feature - share, edit and communicate seamlessly with your team all in one secure platform.

Distribute Anywhere

Effortless one click publishing to YouTube, Facebook, Instagram and more. Or build custom workflows to publish to your own website or apps.

All Your Files

Access files from dozens of cloud storage providers. Centralize sharing, audit logs, and collaboration across all your cloud storage providers.

DropboxGoogle DriveAmazon S3Microsoft OneDriveBackblaze+ SFTP, WebDAV, SMB & 62 more

Custom Workflows

A powerful workflow engine to automate your file management pipeline. Use our prebuilt workflows and actions, or build your own in Deno, Node or any language you choose.


Keep your files in sync across all your devices & servers with folder selective sync

Centralized File Access

Manage access to files for any of your cloud providers. Fine grained access controls, audit logs, and more.